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  • Double Speed Motors

    Double speed motors are designed and manufactured in full conformity with International Standards. This motor employs method of changing the pole numbers so as to carry out speed adjustment. It has two-speed function, high and low speed adjustable. These have features of small volume, light weight, low noise, well start performance, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Our double speed motors possess the following


    • Range: Hp / Kw : 0.25 hp/ 0.18 kw to 20hp / 15 kw.
    • Frame: 56 to 160
    • Insulation Class: F
    • Duty: S1
    • Enclosure: TEFC
    • Protection: IP 44
    • Offered in 2/4, 4/6, 4/8 poles

    We offer two types of Double Speed Motors:-

    1. Single Winding Motors:
    They are in Dahlander connection – delta / double star in speed ratio 1:2 For ex.: 750/1500, 1500/3000 Synchronous RPM

    2. Double Winding Motors:
    Two separate windings giving two different speeds – (4/6, 2/6 Poles etc.)

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