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  • DC Motors & Drives

    STECO DC Motors & Drives are used wherever variable speed is required. The incorporation of latest technologies ensures safe & trouble-free operations under critical conditions.

    Mechanical features of DC Motors:

    • Screen Protected Drip Proof (SPDP) enclosures are provided.
    • Forced Air cooling for motors rated above 3.7 kW.
    • Laminated field system, made up of low loss CRCA steel laminations.
    • High grade CRNO silicon steel stampings are used in Armature construction, for low losses and improved commutation.
    • Skewed Armature slots for noise free operation even at low speeds.
    • Dynamically balanced Rotors for vibration free running and longer life of bearings.
    • High quality electro graphite carbon brushes are used.
    • Easy access to brush holders for inspection and maintenance of carbon brushes.
    • Frame sizes as per relevant BIS standards.

    Electrical features of DC Motors:

    • Range: 1HP – 30HP
    • RPM: 1500 & 3000
    • Armature Voltage: 220V, 440V
    • Insulation Class: F/H
    • Conformance: IS:4722
    • Heavy duty ball bearings
    • High strength cast iron frame
    • Ambient temperature: 45°C

    We can also supply motors as per customer’s specifications rated at different armature voltage, excitation voltage and RPM.

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