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  • Brake Motors

    Catering to wide requirements of various applications that require instantaneous stopping of the drive load, we offer a precision engineered range of Brake motors. These motors have a suitable brake unit mounted on the non-driving cover. These are mounted between the end cover and fan inside the fan cover. Unless specific type of brake unit is required by the customers, the motors are supplied with AC or DC Fail Safe type of brake units. These motors are offered in frame sizes 56 to 160. Their operation is of ‘safe failure’ type. i.e. the brake is applied automatically when power is switched off or power failure occurs. Being simple and rugged-in construction, these motors need very little maintenance. In the rare events of failure, repair is simple and easy

    These are in compliance with various industrial standards and possess the following specifications:

    • Conforms to IS:325 – for three phase induction motors.
    • IS:4722 for rotating electrical machines.
    • Size of motor is governed by the number of start/stops per hours.


    • HP: 0.25hp / 0.18kw To 20 hp / 15 kw IS:4722 for rotating electrical machines.
    • Frame: 56 To 160
    • RPM: 1500, 1000, 750
    • Insulation Class: F
    • Duty: S1
    • Enclosure: TEFC / TESC
    • Protection: IP 44


      Brake Motors are used for numerous applications. A few of them are listed below: 

    • Cement concrete batching plants
    • Packing Machines
    • Textile Machinery
    • Machine Tools
    • Printing Machines
    • Cranes and Hoists
    • Material Handling Equipments
    • Leather Processing Machines
    • Geared Motors
    • Cable Reeling Drums
    • Rolling Mills

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