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  • 3 Phase Induction Motors

    STECO 3-Phase Induction Motors are ISI marked as per IS:8034. These motors are tested to strict quality control at every stage of production and are idealy suited for various industrial applications. We offer a wide assortment of high performance three phase induction motors.Three phase AC induction motors are widely used in different industrial sectors. We source our range from reliable and trusted partners to ensure high efficiency, high starting and holding torque and long operating life.


    STECO 3phase induction Motor are available from frame size 56 to160 in 2,4,6 & 8 pole designs. These motors are suitable for continuous (SI) duty with ambient of 45°C & site altitudes of up to 1000 meters above mean seal level.

    Voltage & Frequency:
    STECO motors are designed for 3 phase, 415V ±10% & 50 Hz ±5% with combined variation of 10%. The motors with different supply voltage and frequency such as 220/380V , 60Hz may also be supplied against order.

    STECO motors conform to IS:325 ICE 34, Part 1 & BS 4999 for electrical specifications & IS:1231 for mechanical dimensions.


    The stators are built of electrical grade sheet steels, hydraulically pressed together and rigidly cleated. The stator body frames and end-shields are made from graded cast iron, thus giving long life to the motor. These are wound with super enameled copper wire and impregnated with best quality stoving varnish. The motors are designed with class F insulation but operate within class B temperature rise limits.

    STECO motors are provide with high pressure aluminum die cast rotors to ensure reliability. Each rotor is dynamically balanced on computerized balancing machine to ensure vibration and noise free running.

    STECO motors have IP44, Ip55 degree of protection as per IS:4691 & ICE 34, Part 5.

    STECO motors up to 2 H.P are star connected with 3 terminals & from 3H.P onwards they are delta connected with 6 terminals.

    The Efficiency of STECO motors remains practically unchanged from full load to right up to 60% of rated load. Thus these motors are highly efficient even lightly loaded.

    All motors are highly efficient and conform to EFF 2 values of IS:12615.

    Motors are designed for low noise levels in accordance with IS:12065.

    All type off cooling is IC 0141 in accordance with IS:6362. All motors are fitted with external bi-directional cooling fan.

    All STECO motors are tested at every stage of manufacturing as per the scheme of testing and inspection recommended by Bureau of Indian Standards as per IS:325.

    The quality of our products has been duly certified by Electrical Research & Development Association (ERDA ) Vadodara.

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